Smart Move Weekly Round Up v Durham United

Published on 23 February 2023 at 11:26


by Justin Smart

Durham City AFC are taking on Durham United in another derby day in Durham. Although our boys are still looking for our first win of the season, the competitive spirit of the side is laid bare for all to see. We gave a valiant account of ourselves down at Shotton Colliery on Saturday, but with a bit of unfortunate luck, we lost 3-1. Tonight we take on Durham united at the Graham Sports Centre, where kick-off will be at 7.45pm. How many of you fine Citizens can we get down there to cheer our boys on?

As ever, we have Club Secretary Justin Smart having a little chat with manager Wayne Gredziak about last Saturday, tonight's little cracker of a game and signings galore including a familiar face:

Justin Smart - FIVE new signings to speak of, big man. Tell us more about them and what they can add to the Durham City AFC squad.

Wayne Gredziak - So we have signed on 5 new players this week and all are now registered and will be in the squad tomorrow they are:

1. Ewan Minjoot he has been training with us so most of you know him all ready he is a defender and can play anywhere at the back.

2. Morgan Parry is a central midfielder who likes to get stuck in and will add much needed squad depth in midfield where we need him the most.

3. Mitchell Chapman is a tall centre-back who will put his head in we’re it hurts he is a no-nonsense left-sided defender.

4. Brett Chapman is another central midfielder who likes to get on the ball and is a playmaker. Both he and Mitchell have come from Wear United.

5. The final one is a gem in my opinion, even though he is aging. Wayne Gredziak is a striker who can still find the net and has done so for Shildon Reserves this season he has transferred from Shildon Reserves.

JS - I'm not sure about that last one, mind! He sounds like a proper scally!

WG - Hahaha! He most definitely is! In all seriousness though, we have injuries to Andrew Pritchard (knee, out for 2 weeks), Junior Masandi (knee, out for 2 weeks), Jordon Southern is away on Saturday at home to Richmond Town and Aiden West is working tonight, so instead of signing on someone who I can’t promise minutes to when everyone is back, I feel that I can let myself down gently when we have everyone back fit!

JS - Let's get serious now, Shotton Colliery was a hard-fought game but we managed a 3-1 reverse. What do you put that down to?

WG -  I thought we deserved something out of the Shotton Colliery game in all fairness and we just don’t seem to be getting the rub of the green and missing too many clear cut chances. We had 3 great chances in the first half that in my opinion should have been all scored

JS - Do you think THAT challenge on your lad Brandon warranted a red card?

WG - 
It was 100% a red card. Brandon has been left with a 4-inch cut on his shin and stud marks down his thighs if it was the other way round we both know the outcome the referee has a duty of care towards all my players and it seemed that he didn’t at all.

JS - Doing cartwheels under a challenge is dangerous. I was reticent to ask this earlier but what do you think of the standard of officiating in the league?

WG -  I always thing refereeing is a hard job and you have a split decision and instinct to make decisions which you may not have seen clearly, but I think consistency is the key word as most managers will say that is currently not present in the officiating in the league at the moment.  

JS - Onto tonight, Durham United again. Do we expect the same as what we saw earlier in the month?

WG -  I think tonight’s game is going to be closer than the last game a few weeks ago, we have strengthened in areas we feltwe needed to. We have sorted out formation teething problems and whatever happens, you know that this team will compete and won’t lie down. I know it’s not an indicator but South Moor beat Durham United on Saturday and we should have beaten South Moor 2 weeks ago, so we will definitely be up for getting our first win registered in the league.

JS - Can our new boys, plus the new "old" boy, make a difference against tonight's opposition? I do use the term "old" loosely, by the way!

WG -  I think all 5, including the old boy, will have big parts to play in our quest for survival we need to have a strong squad with players competing in every position so players don’t become complacent but I am happy the new players will add something we need to start registering points.

JS - Lastly, I'll let you take it away with your message to our amazing fans.

WG -  The supporters have been brilliant on social mediahelping with sponsorship and also attending our games. I fully expect a decent crowd tonight with our game being the only one scheduled tonight and I am positive our players will ensure they will do their best and whatever the result we keep fighting for survival. After tonight, we have back-to-back home games, one being a Wednesday night against last year’swinners, so we need all the Citizens supporters down to help us get over the line.

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