Pre-Match Interview: Durham City AFC v South Moor AFC

Published on 10 February 2023 at 17:01

Pre-Match Interview vs. South Moor by Justin Smart

So the game against Durham United was unfortunately a defeat however the lads can put it right this weekend at home to South Moor. We have played South Moore this season, but that was before Gary came in as chairman and Wayne as manager, not to mention having a completely different squad. South Moor will definitely know that a different animal will be awaiting them at Leyburn Grove this weekend and they will be wary of Durham City being a potential banana skin for them. However, signs are there that the football we can play maybe the key to unlocking the South Moor door.

​Club Secretary Justin Smart once again had a natter with the manager Wayne as we look ahead two another big game for the club. Here is the conversation these fine representatives of the Citizens had:


Justin Smart - Wayne, a 3-0 loss in the Durham derby last time out. Can we put it right this week at home to South Moor? 


Wayne Gredziak - I have always said, game six is where our season starts and this is what us as a management team had set in our plans. I have tinkered with formations, players, and tactics over the last 6 weeks. We have had to do as such a mini pre-season and if any points were picked up it was a bonus. I am very confident that we have got it right and I suppose this Saturdays game against South Moor will be the proof in the pudding.


JS - Was it a case of us not being at the races last week against a well-drilled Durham United


WG - It all comes down to what I mention before, trying things that we haven’t been able to do yet. Try not to get a hammering in the process but with the Players and squad and everything in place we will have everything ready for 2pm kick-off thisSaturday. 


JS - Now we have the squad contesting matches, what does the squad need to do to convert performances into points? 


WG - Most definitely it is now or never when it comes to picking points up for us to keep Durham City in the Wearside LeagueDivision One and playing a team around us now with our next 3 fixtures winnable. If we were to pick up points we could be right back in the mix to achieve our goal . 


JS - We noticed a brief change in strategy last week, will this be a common theme within the squad? 


WG - We have been working on a lot of different aspects over thelast 5 weeks, formations being one and putting the right players in the squad that will suit that formation which will enable us to pick up points. We are now happy with the formation and I suppose it is now down to the players to show that we have got it right.


JS - How do you think South Moor's Connor Price will set his stall out against us come matchday? Any weaknesses to exploit in the team from Stanley?


WG - South Moor are a very physical side and I have done my scouting on them over the last few weeks with this game in mind as our Season starting we expect a very good game and I’m sure who ever are victorious will have deserved it.


JS - We've been working quietly on signing yourself officially from Shildon Reserves, including myself botching the 7 day approach email to them twice! Could you yourself be the final piece in the jigsaw on the pitch? 


WG - That certainly isn’t the case that I am the missing piece in the jigsaw, no. But I have scored in the Wearside League Division One this season and we believe I can be a Plan B if we require it and I’ll be able to help these young players on the pitch if needed.


JS - What's your rally call to The Citizens this week? 


WG - Week 6 has always been our goal for our season to start. No brand new team of 12 players and squad of 25 can gel, know how each other play and carry out the instructions of the managementteam, so if any game the supporters are to judge us, it’s from now.We expect a decent crowd with a new, beautiful programme on sale for a winnable fixture being played Saturday. So let’s see you supporters down at Leyburn Grove and I am quietly confident that this will see the rise of Durham City AFC stopping up.


So there we have it, Wayne has spoken once again. Be sure to get yourselves to Houghton Sports and Social club, LeyburnGrove, Houghton Lee spring, DH4 5EQ. Admission prices are £3 adults, £2 concessions, kids under 16 coming for free. For those with Durham City AFC loyalty cards, please bring them with youto get your stamp. There will be a raffle being sold, £1 a strip or three strips for £2, the winners will be drawn at half-time. As always, food and beverages will be sold at reasonable prices in the Citizen Café. We need you at Leyburn Grove to cheer on the lads and help us get our first points in the bag. Here is a Delia Smith impression: We need a 12th man here! But not any 12th man will do, only a Durham City 12th man will do. Will you be part of the Yellow and Blue Army this weekend? Show your passion and hopefully we will have something to cheer about come Saturday evening. Morior Invictus!

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